A unified approach for Tax Planning, Enterprise Management and Asset Protection exclusively for business owners. We bridge the gap in these three very complex worlds of planning for business owners and entrepreneurs. One team. One voice.

The team at wealthyCEO are experts at legitimate tax strategies, tax preparation, estate planning, asset protection, and corporate structure. I have enjoyed working with the team and look forward to continuing the relationship into the future.
— M. Hambleton, Integrated Project Solutions

The wealthyCEO is a nationally recognized, full-service consulting and management firm. Our primary objective is to help our clients define and achieve their financial goals. wealthyCEO successfully integrates the legal, tax, accounting, estate planning fields into a single unified approach focused on client success.

Unfortunately, the financial services industry, legal system and ever changing tax code use hard to understand language and can be difficult to successfully navigate. The ability to get the best counseling and a comprehensive solution for all aspects of your financial life under the same defined plan is often difficult. Many times, clients are given recommendations and misdirected by others, then, with no other resources, left on their own to manage the labyrinth of financial information required to execute the plan. 

With the wealthyCEO, small businesses, practitioners and even start-up entrepreneurs are able to realize the power of an in-house strategic team, united with the common goal of financial success for you with no in-fighting and confusion.   The strength lies in our ability to provide unique, comprehensive strategies that benefit each client specifically.  With your own personal plan you will learn about establishing proper entity structuring, the core for asset protection, planning for legitimate tax mitigation and utilizing benefit plans to fuel wealth creation and legacy planning.

 The wealthyCEO specializes in custom-built designs for the absolute highest level of relief and annual tax savings working with our in-house and partnered tax attorneys, CPA’s, CVA's, estate attorneys, asset protection attorneys and your own personal business advisors.  We provide one unified viewpoint. 

The wealthyCEO is a consultancy-based firm and not the run-of-the-mill traditional, financial advisory firm so we can deliver unbiased visions and solutions.

Rather than manage money, we manage planning targets and revenue blueprinting through strong accountancy, tax planning and tax preparation.

Our faculty spends countless hours each year in research and development to insure our clients have the best, up-to-date legal, financial and tax advice possible. The wealthyCEO provides clients with the knowledge they need to create wealth, reduce their taxes, protect their assets and obtain financial freedom.  Can you say the same about your current team? 


The wealthyCEO is dedicated to one goal: The fulfillment of our clients long term financial success. We provide first-in-class planning solutions and client support where others fall short. We empower business owners to manage financial risk, generate cash flow and accelerate growth.  Our mission is to outfit clients with the tools and strategies for advanced tax planning, time proven asset protection and a foundation for life legacy planning.