Financial Engineering

Many people don’t realize that so much of their financial accomplishments are built upon proper entity structuring.  This structure establishes the necessary framework to help manage cash flow, keep more money in your pocket, pay the least amount possible in taxes, and effectively grow your wealth. In fact, a personalized blueprint of your business structure could help with tax efficiency and cash flow management, which are crucial for business owners, investors and those who hold assets.

Business Tax Planning & Consulting

Many confuse tax preparation and tax strategy.  It is important to understand that tax mitigation strategy and tax preparation are distinct and separate.  While tax preparation is documentation of what has happened throughout the year, strategic tax mitigation is an everyday operational responsibility.  We develop custom plans and products around your current business model to help take it to the next level. 

Full Service Business Tax & Accountancy Services

Many of our clients have outgrown the traditional, run-of-the-mill CPA and tax planner. Our clientele demand advisors to help them maximize their tax efficiency.  Our vetted advanced programs incorporate your tax mitigation strategy with preparation so that your strategies are documented and reported properly according to the code. 

Advanced Risk Protection

Risk never sleeps, nor does it discriminate. In a moment, all you have earned could be gone. Protecting your assets and your family is paramount. Many times critical components are overlooked— namely insurance. Insurance is the best and easiest way to manage the risk of premature death or disability, including long-term care needs and even capital investments. Enterprise Insurance is another solution that can help protect against harsh economic times and provide assurance and peace of mind by self-insuring your business risks.

Asset Protection and Legacy Planning

By creating an efficient structure with core asset protection principles, we can make dynamic shifts in your confidence and the protection of your business and personal assets. Using Living Trusts, Grantor Trusts, Family and Beneficiary Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships and International Wealth Trusts we can create impenetrable barriers to safeguard and pass your wealth, assets and business though our vast network of legal partners.